What are the costs of having a pet

Having pets is not just a trend anymore. It is animal love that’s trending. Everyone is now aware of animal rights, and they are paying extra care to their pets. There is also a growing number of animal shelters that give a home to homeless animals. People are growing in awareness about animal care and want to provide shelter to them. That’s why every other person now has a pet. Even though you want to have a pet, with it comes the cost of having one. Everyone thinks of the question of how much does owning a pet cost and here is a detailed list of the costs.

You won’t believe Australians spent $12.2 billion on pet products and services in 2016, and that cost just went higher every year since then. Here is how much does own a pet cost

What will a pet cost?

It depends on the type of pet you want to have. Dogs cost the highest, whereas cats and fish cost a little less. Most of the people want to own a dog, and it depends on the breed you want to have. Owning a pet like a cat and a dog will cost you $3,000 and $6,000 for the first year.

Buying a dog will cost you somewhere between $300-$3000. It all depends on the place you buy it from. Many of the people are following the trend of adopting, which cuts off the costs of purchasing a pet.

Expenses at the Vet

No matter whether you buy a pet or adopt it, you got to take it to the vet. The veterinary costs are one of the most significant expenses after buying a pet. They need aftercare and regular check-ups. Sometimes they also fall sick or break a bone or two. So, vaccines, sickness, routine check-ups, this all will cost you. It is wise to take the help of a pet insurance service provider like iselect that offer good covers for your pet.

Registration of the pet

There are countries like Australia where you have to register for the pet. Registration of the pet does not cost more than $20-$150 per year. It isn’t a massive chunk of money. But it is a necessary cost that pets have.

Accessories and toys for your pet

Pets love to be pampered, may it be your cat or dog. That’s why they need accessories and toys. It depends on how much you want to invest in their toys and accessories like chew toys, balls, collars, leads, bowls, bedding, litter trays, and scratching posts. It is wise not to spend more than $500 on these items.

Once you have the pet, then there is the cost of food and daily expenses. Usually, having a dog will costs around $1,475 per year. Out of which $600 is for food and $400 is for the vet. The rest of the cost is for boarding kennels and regular grooming.

If you ever wonder how much owning a pet cost, remember just $1475 a year. It isn’t a huge deal of money if you make good money every month. Moreover, having pet insurance will also provide you a safety net.