Ways to Get Your Dog Comfortable with a Dog Dryer

Your pet is your faithful friend, and you want him to look his absolute best. Of course, you’d like to groom him well. However, that process may be a bit difficult because he might find it uncomfortable. Here are some ways to help make your dog more comfortable with a dog dryer.

Have a Comfortable Environment

When you’re using dog grooming dryers, have an area where your dog feels more comfortable. Maybe there’s a special mat that he likes to lay on that keeps him calm. Also, make sure it’s a non-skid one to prevent any accidents if he becomes too excited.

A softer bristle is always a good thing if you need to brush the fur. An older dog may have sensitive skin, and it may not be as thick as a younger dog’s skin. Not to mention, it’s easier on short-haired dogs. You have to pick something that makes it comfortable for their fur texture.

Massage Your Dog

It’s not a bad idea to give your dog a belly or back rub. Your dog will be more receptive to the dog dryer. It gives you a chance to bond with a dog in a personal way.

The more they trust you, the easier it’ll be to groom them. Also, massaging with oil made for its fur type can help make grooming easier. It’ll keep the fur with a natural luster to make it look healthier with time.

Additionally, you can listen to your dog and see if he moves or makes noises. Also, check to see if there are sensitive areas on its skin to prevent health issues.

Introduce Them to the Dog Dryer

Of course, you always want to let the dog know you’re using a dog dryer. At first, the sound may be a bit jarring to its ears. You can see what dog dryers make less noise and helps them feel more at ease.

If the dog dryer is too loud, you may consider getting them some special earplugs to help block out the noise. Find a dog dryer that’s not scorching hot but helps dry the fur evenly. You can also feed them treats for doing a good job while you groom them.

With the right dog mat, dog dryer, and comfortable feeling, it’ll be easier to dry your dog after a bath. Build a good bond with your dog to make this a better experience.