The perfect gifts for dogs

Dogs have birthdays too, you know. Which means that the dog also gets presents and gifts. But what to buy for a dog? Especially if the dog you’re shopping for, isn’t your own? What gift is fun for the dog, and useful for the owner? Luckily there are many, many options to choose from. And pet stores, like Vetsend, will gladly advice you too. So, no matter what you end up choosing: you’ll have the best gift of the dog party. And to help you find the best gifts, we’ve put together a list for some of the best gifts for dogs, and their owners.

A dog collar

One of the most useful things to buy a dog for it’s birthday, is of course a dog collar. It’s practical and necessary. But the dog owner probably already owns at least one. So you’ll need to buy one that’s sort of special too. Think of a collar in a fun color, material or even design your own. You could even add extra little accessories, like a metal identity tag. No matter what your collar looks like, make sure it is made ergonomically. Ergonomic collars offer the most comfortable solution to the dog, and makes sures your dog doesn’t get harmed in the process of pulling on it’s leash. Safety first.

Dog treats

Would you rather buy something delicious? Luckily for you, all pet stores have a wide variety of dog treats available. Don’t just buy the brand the owners already use. This is the moment to let them try something completely different. And there are so many options to choose from. Think about cookies, bones, jerky treats and chew sticks. Many dog treats offer nutricious benefits too, like more energy, fresher breath or better teeth. Or you could go for something homebaked? Like making your own dog cookies. Whatever you choose, please keep in mind if there are any diëtary restrictions.

Dog toys

There’s no way you can make a list about dog gifts, and just forget about the toys. It’s the first thing most people think of when shopping for a dog. Just think about all the chewing toys, dog balls, plushes and puzzles, available in pet stores. And dog toys aren’t just for fun. Dogs get important stimulation from playing with toys, and it gives them a sense of recognition. The amount of choices can be overwelming, but really there’s no wrong dog toy. Try something out. Go for a toy that looks like fun. But, for the sake of the dog owner, choose a toy that is easy to clean and not too easy to rip apart.