Selecting the best dog daycare facility in Atlanta: Here’s your guide!

As a pet owner, you want nothing but the best for your dog. If you have hectic schedules and long working hours, you may consider keeping your furry friend at a daycare center. While this may seem like a harsh decision, your pet will have a better time with other canines and professional handlers, rather than being alone at home. There are many options for dog daycare Atlanta GA, and in this post, we are sharing tips on how you can choose the right one.

  1. Consider safety first

It is always wise to visit a daycare facility in person to know their arrangements. Safety of your pet should be the foremost priority. Check the kennels, rooms, and if each room has enough ventilation. Check the floors too – rubber and epoxy floors are best for dogs to get around. Also, the entire facility should be fenced and gated property. Dogs can be escape artists, and the last thing you would expect is a missing dog.

  1. Find about their team

One of the other important aspects that matter is staff-to-dog ratio. You want to be sure that there are enough walkers and handlers. Also, check who is in charge of your dog. This is an important aspect, because you should be able to get updates and info on call, whenever you want.

  1. Ask about activities

You don’t want the dog to be caged in a kennel for hours. That would defeat the purpose of a dog daycare facility in the first place. Ask the facility about what activities they have for dogs on a daily basis. Many places do have training options, dog playtime and other exercise to keep the pooches busy. Behavior changes may be recommended for some dogs too. Do ask if the dog needs to come with toys, or they will provide the same.

Pricing, boarding and more

When it comes to dog daycare, pricing is an important aspect, because this is going to be a regular thing. Check in advance and find the best rates you can get, without compromises on the services. If the same dog daycare facility can arrange for boarding too, it’s always an advantage. Many local services also offer other things like pet grooming, pet taxi, and spa pampering, which are good additions.

Look for a dog daycare option that cares for your dog more than anything else, and is located at a convenient place in Atlanta.