Quality Boarding for A Quality Pet

When you’re a pet owner, you firmly believe that your pets are your family. It doesn’t matter that they’re covered in fur, walking on four legs, and have a tail that never stops wagging. They hold a big place in our hearts. It can be difficult to leave them behind when we go away on holiday. As much as we might want to enjoy our time away, we also want to make sure our smallest best friends are getting the proper care and attention they need. When looking for places for dog boarding in Sydney, make sure you’re leaving your pet in good hands.

Recommendations for Boarding

There’s a reason that Yelp does so well—it’s real reviews from real people. Knowing that others before you have had a good experience is a good place to start. Check out a few companies, and if you like what they offer, see what other people have to say about them. Do they have outstanding praise from others, or is it full of unhappy complaints? While all recommendations should be taken with a grain of salt, the more positive reviews you see will generally give you a good idea of how the place is run.

Cleanliness is Key

If the part of a place that you can see is dirty, what does it look like in the places you can’t see? Consider this as you check out a boarding place—does it smell pleasant? Is it kept clean? Do the kennels look safe and secure? The way that the company presents itself will show how they run their boarding program.

Supportive Staff

Check into the staff at the boarding place you might choose. Training can vary, and while it is unlikely that every member will be fully trained and licensed, do check that at least one professional will be there at all times should an emergency arise. Enquire about training and doggy first aid to help put your mind at ease. Of course, the friendliness of the staff helps, too!

Questions to Consider

If you want the best for your pet, you will have to do some research and ask questions. Some common questions to ask your boarding kennel are:

  • What is your insurance for property or injury?
  • What sort of certifications do you (or the company) hold?
  • What is your vaccination policy?
  • What recreational activity will my dog get, and for how long?
  • Will my dog be able to interact with other dogs, and for how long?
  • Do you provide bedding? Can I bring my own from home?