Our best friends: 6 important ways dogs improve our lives

Anyone who has ever cuddled up to their favourite little friend will tell you one thing: dogs certainly enrich our lives. They are loyal, trusting companions who make us happy and add a little positive responsibility to our routine.

Whether it’s their excitement for a walk, mucking around in the living room or keeping you company on cold winter nights, our puppers are a constant source of joy and warmth that simply make things much better.

So, we thought we would share with you six ways that our doggos enrich our lives. Given that they offer so much to our health and wellbeing, it goes without saying that you would compare dog insurance to find the best one available.

With this in mind, here are six ways our pups improve our lives, and why we should take special care to improve theirs, too!

  1. They constantly put a smile on our faces

Whatever the activity: going for a play at the park; enjoying a hello cuddle when returning from work; even just giving them dinner – our doggos never fail to put a smile on our faces.

What’s more, it seems that our pups don’t only know how to put a smile on our faces, but also when, as they always seem to appear right when we’re feeling down or doubting ourselves, and this is something you can’t help but love about them!

  1. They add more responsibility to our lives

It’s nice to know that there is a cheeky little friend who needs our love, affection and care. Dogs add a little extra responsibility to our lives, ensuring we have something to look out for, feed and provide shelter for on those chilly nights.

  1. They provide us with plenty of love

Dogs are incredibly appreciative animals, and they are highly conscious of those who are giving them unconditional love, support and care. In turn, they provide us humans with unconditional love, too! This is why they are known as a human’s best friend: they provide unconditional love at a time where it can be difficult to find that among other humans.

  1. They bring us back to Earth

Sometimes, when things get a bit hectic, it can be hard to take stock of the important things in life. That’s where our dogs come in handy: they bring us back to Earth and make us appreciate life’s smaller, cosier moments.

  1. They are a great stress reliever

It doesn’t matter your age: playing with your doggo is a surefire way to take you back a few years, enjoying a youthful muck around in a way that is fantastic for our stress levels. When you play with your dog, it seems like all the stresses and worries of life melt away in that moment and the joy carries on despite what problems may have been troubling you before.

  1. They make us exercise

Some people like to call dogs “little fitness machines”, and they aren’t wrong, either! As soon as we bring an energetic little pooch into our lives we immediately lift our own exercise game, taking the little scoundrels for (constant) walks and plays at the park.

What’s more, simply playing with your doggo at home is a fantastic form of exercise that can’t be overlooked. It might not seem like much, but it goes a long way, ensuring that you are always in a process of exercising when you have a happy little dog who wants nothing more than to enjoy some quality play time with their favourite hooman!