How To Pick The Best Toys For Your Dog

Buying dogs is a treat for both the dog and the pet owner. Pet parents want nothing more than to bring their fur babies joy, and toys can provide just that. There are toys that can challenge the brain, bring them comfort, and even tame their anxiety. It also has the added advantage of keeping them occupied while we’re away. But what are the best kinds of toys for dogs? 

We can’t ask our dogs what kind of toys they want, and some toys can be given and ignored completely. Choices can also vary depending on dog breeds.

A Few Tips On Toy Choice

First and foremost, you will want something safe for your dog. This means nothing sharp that can potentially damage their eyes or give them wounds. 

Another tip is to make sure the size of the toy matches the size of your dog. For example, if you bought a small ball for a big dog, it could cause problems because they might accidentally choke on it. Conversely, big toys for small pets won’t work because they probably won’t be able to carry it in their mouths or play with them.

A great way to figure out what toys to pick is by paying attention to your dog’s personality. Observe what your dog likes to do and how they are with various textures and types of toys. Some dogs love balls and sticks to chase and catch, while some dogs love plush toy dolls to chew on. If your dog is a smart breed, consider buying some dog puzzles. 

Types of Toys 

There are many types of toys for dogs and pets in general. There are soft ones, squeaky ones, and even soft and squeaky ones. There are myriads of choices and it’s important to distinguish between each kind and see which dog breeds go well with each. 

  • Chew Toys

Chew Toys are usually made out of rubber. The difference is there is a smooth finish, which seems to be satisfying for dogs to bite on. Make sure to choose a high-quality chew toy because you will want something non-toxic, long-lasting and durable.

Chew toys are great for aggressive chewers. They’re especially perfect for puppies going through a teething phase and wanting to chew on everything around the house.

  • Fetch and Tug Toys

Fetch toys are usually balls or frisbees. These are items you can throw at a distance and your dog can run after and try to catch. Tug toys, on the other hand, are made of tough cloth twisted into a ball or a small rope. These can be used to play tug-of-war with your dog. They’re also satisfying to chew on in their own free time.

These types of toys are great for entertaining highly active dogs that love to run around, play fetch, and expend tons of energy. 

  • Soft Toys

Soft toys can be any sort of plush toy like teddy bears or stuffed animals. They’re often a great source of comfort to dogs, especially when given at a young age and kept as a companion until adulthood. 

These are great toys for sweet and affectionate dogs that love to cuddle. If you ever come across a Cavoodle for sale, for example, you’d probably be wise to buy some soft toys for it to play with when you bring it home. Soft toys are also a great source of comfort for dogs who get separation anxiety when left alone at home.

  • Treat Toys

Treat toys can come in the form of puzzles or lick mats. These toys challenge your dog to perform certain actions and get rewarded by treats. They are wonderful toys for smart breeds that love problem solving like Border Collies, Rottweilers, and Golden Retrievers.

Overall, it is best to get to know your dog’s breed and personality in order to give them the best toy that they will truly love and play with. Just make sure that it is safe for them and matches their size.