How to choose the best shark cartilage treats for dogs!

Do you want to know what makes the best shark cartilage for your dog, and why?  It’s not as simple as it seems.

While we know that shark cartilage is the number 1 natural and ‘pharmaceutical’ functional dog treat in the world for fixing dog joints (and humans), there is a reason that in America and a few other countries it remains a major secret.

Shark cartilage still remains our top 5 seller, with little to no promotion, but the main reason it remains controversial should be addressed before we explain its exceptional benefits to ALL DOGS.

Unfortunately, it’s problem is not with its effectiveness it’s a capitalist and political issue NOT a dog health issue.

Did you know that in 2019 Shark fin was banned in 12 U.S. states but it is still available in most of America for human consumption.  The problem seems to be that in America, Shark fins remain a popular high margin human food, but the ships that catch the sharks used to get the shark fin from, don’t seem to mind what species they take it from, endangered or not.

One of the major proponents of the bill banning Shark fin/ shark cartilage was the state of California. The coincidence of this is many of the major search engine tech giants reside in California. Hence the term shark fin and by association SHARK CARTILAGE is banned from advertising these products in search results!

Though you will find news articles confirming the ban, you might find it harder finding medical information about its incredible value of shark cartilage to dogs.

You might be surprised that the natural component and active ingredients that you find most high-cost vet prescribed dog joint support formulations, in bright shiny plastic jars, often contain the two main shark cartilage chemicals that fix dog joint problems. YET you are not allowed to know about the source that ends up in those jars – shark cartilage.

It’s almost like the pharmaceutical companies want to enjoy a monopoly.  They don’t want you to enjoy the natural stuff, and much lower prices.

I guess the anomaly is that “While it is legal in the United States to consume shark meat, that is not the case for shark fins”.

In other countries shark meat is sold in ‘fish and chip’ shops as FLAKE.  Flake might mean any shark meat in other parts of the world, but in Australia for instance, Flake is one of the most popular fried fish meals, because it is relatively large in fillet size and slightly cheaper than regular fish.

Also, in other parts of the world, they tightly regulate that endangered variety of shark can’t be caught or consumed.  They mainly catch gummy sharks for restaurants. Along with this the fin is trimmed off. And of course, some less scrupulous sources sell these continents like China that have an insatiable appetite for the believed aphrodisiac qualities of shark fin. The reason that is bad, is sometimes some bad operators will catch sharks JUST for the fin, and kill and waste the rest of the shark. Clearly that is a horrendous practice.

The trick is, that shark cartilage sticks make up the structure of the shark fins that we prefer to be used for dog health rather than wasted, or harsh pharmaceutical. Shark cartilage for dog use just got caught up in the shark fin issue.

So in answer to the question how to “How to choose the best shark cartilage treats for dogs  “ basically its buying it legally from a trusted source.  If you are to believe that Americans don’t trust American companies to do the right thing, then perhaps buying from countries that have tight legislation and checking that those countries don’t use endangered shark species is the way to go.

What value does shark cartilage dog treats provide?

We sell shark cartilage in many different forms, but essentially, it’s all 100% single ingredient product. You don’t want any filler added to dilute the medicinal value.

Shark cartilage is well known for its high percentage of chondroitin and glucosamine. It is this potent combination of active ingredients, in a relatively affordable form, that makes it one of our top sellers

YOU can buy shark cartilage in thin sticks about 15 cm long, wider sticks, coarse powder or fine powder as a meal topper.  It is also used with other very healthy single ingredient animal products as a maximum combined health topper.

Glucosamine and chondroitin not only prevent dog joint damage, but it can help dogs rebuild their own dog cartilage. Science journals peer reviewed experiments on actual dogs prove shark cartilages amazing ability to reduce dog pain and improve the gait of the dogs.

And if you don’t believe the science papers, check for these ingredients in vet approved joint support containers or dog food.  There is little reason not to buy from the source (shark cartilage) rather than pay a high-end markup for pointless tweaking of a more artificial joint support product.

Shark cartilage also provides a LOW energy dog treat (so is not fattening) AND is used very successfully as a dog teeth cleaning treat.  We always recommend natural Animal based products for their highest bio availability for dogs, rather than plant-based formulations that are mostly solved to increase corporate profit, NOT because they are better for your dog.

We would always recommend any natural animal-based product/ dog treat that has incredible benefits for your dog with virtually no side effects, than something created by a big pharmaceutical company with no added bene besides profit.  But this is just information for you to consider, your dog’s health is truly your own decision.

Good dog parenting!


Curiously while glucosamine and chondroitin are the main ingredients in joint support for humans, often in very small capsules for a high price,  many dog owners don’t know that shark cartilage is the best source of it for humans and their dogs.

When sourced responsibly, shark cartilage doesn’t affect shark populations, but makes a huge difference to the health and happiness to dogs.

And while I know these facts, most people come into our shop asking for it, because they have heard that its one of the best dental dog treats around that are also very low fat, and low energy treats.

So while many people buy it for the benefits that I would consider far less important that improving a dogs joints, I am happy that they understand notionally that it provides several great benefits.