How Do You Tell Your Dog Groomer What You Want?

An important part of dog ownership is dog grooming. In fact, just as dog owners must take their dog to the vet for checkups and shots, dog owners must also take their dog to a dog groomer on a regular basis.  However, not every dog owner knows what he or she wants from a dog groomer and always questions themselves ‘how do I find the right dog groomer’? – some have never been to a professional dog groomer before – so here are 5 tips for telling your dog groomer what you want:

1. How Do You Find the Right Dog Groomer?

First, make sure that you do your research before you begin working with any dog groomers.  Get online and find out who the best dog groomer services in your area are.  Read reviews written by previous customers; this will give you real insight into what other dog owners think of these dog groomers and whether or not they are the dog groomers you want to hire.

2. Make Sure That You Know What You Want Before You Show Up

When dog owners go into dog grooming salons, they often do not know what they want, and just assume that their dog groomers will know what is best for their dog.  This is not always the case because dog groomers are there to help dog owners and caretakers get through this process by recommending dog products or services based on their dog needs.  Dog owners who have researched which brand of shampoo is best for their dog will be able to tell their groomer exactly what kind of products they should use when they shampoo the dogs in their care.  For example, dog owners who are looking for dog shampoo that will get rid of dog odors, prevent dog scratching, etc.  can tell their dog groomer about dog problems that they are having and the groomer can recommend the best products to solve these problems.

3. Make Sure That You Understand All Available Groomers’ Services Before Choosing One

A dog owner needs to know exactly what services he or she is getting before making a final decision on which dog grooming service to use.  Ask your dog groomer if he or she offers any additional services such as nail trimming, teeth brushing, ear cleaning etc.; once again there are many different things you can do to improve how your dogs look and feel.

4. If Your Dog Groomer Did a Bad Job, Tell Him or Her

Dog owners do not need to be afraid of grooming services because dog groomers want their customers to be satisfied with the grooming experience that they have in their salon.  If your dog groomer did a bad job, tell him or her immediately so that he or she can fix their mistake and provide you with better service next time.

5. Make Sure That You Follow Your Dog Groomer’s Instructions When You Get Home

Once you follow your dog groomer’s instructions when your dog comes home from a grooming session it will make it easier for the groom who is going to take care of the dog next time.  If your dog needs to be brushed every day, make sure you follow up on this and brush their coat as required by the professionals.

These are some general guidelines dog owners should adhere to when going to dog grooming services. If you follow these tips, it will ensure that your dog gets great grooming services every time he or she needs to go.