Check Out Boerboel Puppies for Sale: Breed Information

We can all agree that dogs are not just people’s best friends; they are also our companions, part of our families, and protectors. Getting the right dog breed depends on numerous factors, including your preferences, needs, and requirements.

Of course, the differences between breeds are essential to consider before choosing the one you need. Also, each species comes with specific advantages, disadvantages, temperaments, potential health issues, and other things you may find out beforehand.

If you wish to get a Boerboel, you should know that we are talking about a loyal, robust, muscular, and tough breed compared with others. Back in the day, people used it in challenging African conditions for guarding homesteads against wild animals.

You should know that Boerboel is a name translated to “a farmer’s dog. It is challenging to determine and pinpoint the exact races that matted to create a first one based on its historical significance. Still, generally, it is a combination of various native African dogs.

There are wide array of Boerboel puppies for sale, which is why you should visit a link we shared with you. According to scientists, the thoughts were that Bull Terriers breed with Old English Bulldog and some other mastiff-like animals to produce this particular loyal, brave and muscular breed.

Therefore, you should know that Boerboel are strong working dogs that can adapt to harsh, unforgiving, and ever-changing conditions. They are perfect for tracking because they are showing high levels of alertness and praying instinct while outside.

In some situations, they can be lazy, especially during the hot summer months. Therefore, it is vital to take them at least once a day for a long walk to ensure their overall health.

Temperament and Personality

We have mentioned above that Boerboel is a strong and large animal with a powerful sense of loyalty. They are not dangerous with children around, even though it’s not recommended to leave them with small kids.

According to experts, they are ideal for families with children over eight years old, while you should let them play with supervision.

When it comes to their temperaments, you should expect even-tempered, affectionate, and loyal to their families because they have a long history of protecting properties and people from strangers and intruders.

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It would be best to socialize them properly because they can be wary of strangers entering your home. The easiest way to prevent this particular instinct is by introducing it to new people and pets from a young age. The more you do it, the better your personality will be as a result.

They are hardy animals, which means that they can survive the harshest weather conditions. Simultaneously, compared with other breeds, this particular one is very healthy, easy-going, and comes with low maintenance.

Of course, they require regular exercise to keep them healthy and fit, which is something they do not prefer in specific moments. Long and good activities are important because that way you will ensure overall health.

Apart from working out, you should know that discipline is another essential aspect of developing a proper temperament. Therefore, you must position yourself as a leader with strength and stay ahead of potential misbehavior.

Even though aggression to other animals can happen, especially if the same-sex dogs meet, you should know that socialization is crucial for reducing potential issues.

It is necessary to display dominance over a Boerboel as soon strangers enter your household. Keep in mind that they will kindly take the unfamiliar faces, which is why you should control the situation so it will run smoothly.

Facts You Should Remember

In South Africa, Boerboel were used as hunting dogs because they could pray wounded animals for hundreds of miles on open land.

At the same time, they could fight large wild cats, including lions and leopards, to death, which means that breed was more significant and stronger back in the day.

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Keep in mind that after World War II, the Boerboel was almost near extinction. However, nowadays, you can see numerous places with a high number of them, including Australia, the UK, the US, and New Zealand.

In the past, people cut off their tails to avoid potential injuries while fighting with wild animals.