5 Tips for Starting Your Dog Boarding Facility!

You are interested in dogs and are ready to launch your own business. What’s next? As with any business, initial research about the local market and overall industry statistics does matter. Dog boarding remains one of the most in-demand segments within the animal-care industry, and pet owners don’t mind paying for a better, professional facility. In this post, we are sharing tips for starting your dog boarding facility.

  • Think of franchising. If you want to start right away, go for a known franchise. In the US, there are many known franchises that offer boarding kennels for sale, and they will offer all the support required to get your business going. Franchise cost is much lesser than many other industries, and you can expect to make more money, considering the demand.
  • Find a good location. Truth be told, there aren’t enough dog boarding facilities in many cities, and that’s untapped potential. Factors like number of pets in a city or area will matter, but select a good location. Check the extent of competition and if there is enough scope for a new business.
  • Offer daycare too. Pet owners are often anxious about leaving their dog behind at home, when they go for work or have to step out. No wonder, doggy daycare services are in great demand. Daycare and boarding require the same kind of services, so you can club both and make more money. Daycare facilities are expected to often pickup and drop off dogs, so a car/van is needed.

  • Hire trained people. Just because someone had a dog, it doesn’t mean they are knowledgeable or qualified to handle dogs professionally. If you want your boarding facility to flourish, hire trained people, who have done professional courses and have experience of working within the industry. Experience is a big factor in this business.
  • Keep an eye. Dog boarding owners are required to watch every detail of the facility at all times. Make sure that you are involved for everything, from scouting locations, to discussing matters with the franchise and training people. Also, the day-to-day running of the facility will need your presence, so if you have other commitments, we recommend that you plan things accordingly.

Final word

With franchising options, starting a dog boardingbusiness doesn’t have to be hard. Do your calculations and find means of financing, so that you can plan the next few steps, one at a time.